Postmortem of 2017

THSF 2017

This year I had the chance to go at THSF’s for a hacker residency where you have to build something and present it at the end. Our project was to create a ephemeral radio emitting for the whole duration of. In order to achieve that we used antenna put on Raspberry Pi and put them around the venue. On top of that, I made a small web app where one can change the data broadcasted, such as the name of the station, the name of the current song or conference, etc…

The code is available on github.

The festival also helds interesting conferences such as Nothing to hide from Marc Meillassoux or Two years of judiciary activism from Les Exegetes Amateurs, a group who fights laws against privacy. You can find most of them in videos here (in french).

In the end I had a lot of fun here, met awesome people, listened great music and drank a lot of club maté.

Ludum Dare 40

Unfortunately I didn’t have much time for myself for the 38th and 39th editions as I was moving to Marseille. But as the snow was upon the city, which is a rare event, I took the time and did it.

A every editions I try something new, like a technology I didn’t use before or not fitted for games at the beginning. For some reason I always end up with weird things that are maybe out of scope for a jam.

The theme was The more you have, the worse it is. Well, with a theme as broad as this one, it wasn’t too hard finding a concept and a game around it. I ended up doing a browser game called Marseille, The Great Plague using VueJs and Vuex.

The core mechanic is simple, you must ensure that every boat is safe before entering the city. If it’s not the case, you put it in quarantine. But beware, if you do too much errors, the citizen’s safety will be in jeopardy.