LD 40 - Marseille: The Great Plague

  • Date: 2017
  • Technologies: VueJs, Vuex, Vue-Router, SASS
  • Theme: The more you have, the worse it is
  • Sources: Github

For this edition of Ludum Dare I wanted to work on something crossplatform. I went for VueJs as I wanted to have a better understanding of the possibility it has to offers.

The gameplay is fairly simply, you have to check boats for plague contamination and put them in quarantine if necessary. However, the more errors you make, the more it become difficult to prevent them from bypassing the control.

Alchemist_COOP - Phone Alchemist

Phone Alchemist is a web platform where you can buy various gift cards using your phone or internet bills. I worked on the integration of different designs such as the corporate website or the landing page. I also improved existing features, like a control panel for the services or the checkboxes used for payments.

THSF 2017 - Radio

  • Date: 2017
  • Technologies: Flask, SQLAlchemy, Raspberry Pi, Icecast
  • Theme: Hacking 101
  • Sources: Github

The Toulouse Hacker Space Factory is an annual event set in Toulouse. It’s a place filled with conferences, concerts, workshops and residencies. I was part of the later with the BiB association.

Our goal this year was to create an ephemeral radio for the festival’s duration. It will broadcast on the FM band the main conferences. To achieve this, we used Raspberry Pi with plugged USB antenna on it. We will send audio stream to them using WiFi and Icecast, a FOSS. Finally we also made a small web interface to handle

RDS data sent to the receptors.

BiB - Python Workshops, 2nd Edition

Second season of Python workshops at BiB aimed at beginners. We saw the basic concepts of programmation in Python:

  • Types and dynamic typing
  • Flow, with conditions and loops
  • Functions
  • Data Structures
  • Exceptions

BiB - Telekinesis Pong

  • Date: 2015
  • Technologies: C++, Go, Javascript, Websockets, OpenCV
  • Sources: Github

Remake of the famous game Pong with some tweaks:

  • A client where the player is the controler by using OpenCV
  • A standard web client with javascript and html canvas
  • A Go server to provide communication between the two clients with Websockets

It was a very interesting and rewarding experience. It gave us the opportunity of playing with multiple languages in a a course of a weekend.